JobtitlesAI is an AI-powered machine learning API that accurately classifies job titles by field (such as sales, finance, I.T.) and position (such as executive, management, assistant). This helps automate lead qualification, clean CRM data, organize job offers, and more.

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how to use:
To use JobtitlesAI, you can integrate the machine learning API into your system or use it with CSV files, spreadsheets, or Hubspot. Simply provide the job titles and JobtitlesAI will categorize them into relevant fields and positions. You can also use the API to categorize job titles in multiple languages.
Core freatures:
Accurate job title classificationCategorization by field and positionIntegration with CSV files, spreadsheets, and HubspotSupport for multiple languages
Use case:

Automating lead qualification

Cleaning CRM data

Prioritizing LinkedIn profiles

Organizing job offers

FAQ list:
What does JobtitlesAI do? How can I use JobtitlesAI? What languages does JobtitlesAI support? Can JobtitlesAI handle different variations of job titles?


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