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Recrooit is a platform that allows users to earn money by referring their friends and colleagues to job opportunities. By signing up for free, users can connect talented individuals with suitable jobs and receive monetary rewards for successful referrals.

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how to use:
To use Recrooit, users need to sign up for a free account and get their profile approved. Once approved, they will receive guides on how to maximize their experience with Recrooit. Users can then browse available job positions on their dashboard and select a suitable position to refer to their network. By sharing the unique referral link provided, users can refer potential candidates. If the referred candidate gets hired for the job, the user receives a monetary bounty. The earned rewards can be withdrawn at any time via PayPal or Direct Transfer.
Core freatures:
Earn money by referring friends and colleagues to job opportunitiesEasy copy-and-paste referral process with unique referral linksAutomated job board creation with personalized Referral IDSocial media integration for seamless sharing of referral linksFlexible withdrawal options through PayPal or Direct Transfer
Use case:

Developers: Utilize your network of contacts to refer talented individuals for job positions

Freelance Recruiters: Leverage your sourcing skills and use Recrooit to find suitable candidates for available jobs

Creators: Offer additional value to your community by referring them to job opportunities, creating a passive income stream

Anyone: Help companies save money and earn rewards by referring good candidates to the right jobs

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