Jason AI

Jason AI is a personal assistant powered by ChatGPT that helps set up outreach sequences, handle prospect responses, and book meetings for businesses.

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how to use:
To use Jason AI, follow these steps:
1. Define your audience by applying filters to target potential customers.
2. Set up an outreach sequence with personalized emails and follow-ups.
3. Share your product details with Jason AI to enable auto-responding to customer inquiries.
4. Let Jason AI handle conversations with leads, including booking meetings and providing information or counter-offers.
5. Enjoy automatic meeting booking and focus on attending the meetings.
Core freatures:
The core features of Jason AI include:
– Audience targeting and filtering
– Automated outreach sequence setup
– Auto-responding to customer inquiries
– Conversation handling with leads
– Meeting booking and rescheduling
Use case:

Jason AI is ideal for:
– Sales professionals who want to enhance productivity in outreach and prospect engagement.
– Businesses that need assistance with setting up personalized outreach campaigns and handling customer conversations.
– Individuals or teams who want to automate meeting booking and rescheduling.

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