Itoka MuseEngine

Itoka is a music sharing and streaming platform that allows users to upload, discover, and enjoy a wide variety of music.

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how to use:
To use Itoka, simply sign up for an account and start uploading your music, or explore the vast collection of music shared by other users. You can create playlists, follow your favorite artists, and interact with the music community.
Core freatures:
Upload and share original musicDiscover new and trending music from various genresCreate and manage playlistsFollow favorite artists and receive updatesInteract with other users and the music community
Use case:

Independent artists can showcase their talents by uploading their music

Music enthusiasts can explore and discover new music from different genres

Listeners can create personalized playlists and follow their favorite artists

FAQ list:
Can I upload my own music to Itoka? Can I discover music from different genres on Itoka? Is there a way to create playlists on Itoka? Can I follow my favorite artists on Itoka? Can I interact with other users on Itoka? What is the pricing for Itoka’s premium subscription?


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