is a personal AI chatbot solution for customer support. It automates and speeds up the work of customer support teams by using the latest AI technology to generate auto-responses. It offers features such as AI Assistant, AI Chatbot, AI Search, AI Widget Builder, Conversations Analytics, and Chatbot to Human transfer.

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how to use:
To use, follow these steps:

1. Add data: Add HTML and text pages to the AI database.
2. Create AI assistant: Customize a personal chatbot that matches your brand voice and visual style.
3. Analyze conversations: Check and adjust the AI bot’s answers. Add questions from support requests, review the answers, and make edits if needed.

The AI system will self-learn and automatically improve auto-responses.
Core freatures:
AI Assistant: Get draft replies or instruct the AI for extended answers.AI Chatbot: Automatically resolve typical customer inquiries with AI.AI Search: Provides genuine results for any queries.AI Widget Builder: Create a personalized AI Chatbot Widget with a few clicks.Conversations Analytics: Improve CSAT score by analyzing AI conversations with customers.Chatbot to Human: Transfer customers from AI chatbot to a human agent when needed.
Use case:

Replying for general non-specific questions: Standard inquiries can be answered quickly and accurately by the AI assistant.

Replying to user-specific questions: The AI tool retrieves relevant information about users, including support history and account details, to solve complex questions.

Replying for RAQs (Repeatedly Asked Questions): With auto-improvement of the AI database, ioni can answer difficult questions by finding context-related queries within the documentation or previous tickets.

Smooth newcomers onboarding: Automation of processes helps new customer support agents be productive from day one without extensive memorization of information.

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