INOP is an impact-driven professional network that aims to connect professionals with shared values, beliefs, and interests. It helps users discover their perfect career fit and make meaningful connections in their professional journey.

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how to use:
To use INOP, simply download the app and create an account. Customize your profile by specifying your core beliefs, values, and interests. Use the swipe feature to browse through professionals, job opportunities, and companies that align with your mindset and aspirations. You can super like ideal matches and receive personalized job alerts based on your preferences. Additionally, INOP provides actionable compensation insights, company intelligence, and deep insights into company culture, values, reputation, and ESG data sets.
Core freatures:
Advanced AI matching algorithmsGeolocation-based personalized job alertsSwipe feature for connecting with professionals and job opportunitiesReal-time and unbiased matches based on core values, beliefs, and interestsComprehensive information on company culture, compensation, and career path insightsMentorship program for professional growth and support
Use case:

Finding the right career path based on shared values and interests

Networking with professionals who resonate with your mindset

Discovering job opportunities near you

Connecting with like-minded individuals for meaningful opportunities

Benchmarking and reviewing companies’ compensation, ESG, reputation, and cultural practices

Requesting or becoming a mentor to guide and inspire other professionals

Promoting talent diversity and equitable hiring within organizations

FAQ list:
What is INOP? How do I use INOP? What are the core features of INOP? What can I use INOP for? How much does INOP membership cost?


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