Ikigai Quest

Ikigai Quest is a platform that helps you discover your life’s purpose or ‘Ikigai’ using AI technology. It offers expert guidance, engaging articles, and interactive tools to help you achieve true happiness and fulfillment.

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how to use:
To use Ikigai Quest, simply visit the website and navigate through the available sections. You can start by taking the free AI test to get personalized insights. The test analyzes your responses and suggests a path and salary to help you find your life’s purpose. You can also explore articles and resources provided to gain more understanding about ikigai and its four key metrics. Additionally, you have the option to get the book for more in-depth knowledge and guidance.
Core freatures:
Free AI test to analyze your responsesPersonalized path and salary suggestions based on your test resultsExpert guidance and resources to help you understand and discover your IkigaiEngaging articles and interactive toolsAccess to the book for more in-depth knowledge
Use case:

Finding your life’s purpose or Ikigai

Achieving true happiness and fulfillment

Leading a balanced and productive life

Gaining self-awareness and understanding of your passions, skills, and purpose

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