IACrea is an application that allows users to virtually decorate and stage homes using artificial intelligence. Users can simply upload a photo of a room and choose a style to generate a realistic virtual projection of the space.

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how to use:
To use IACrea, users need to upload a photo of a room they want to decorate or stage. They can then select a style from the available options. The artificial intelligence algorithm will analyze the photo and generate a virtual projection of the room with the chosen style. Users can customize the projection further by selecting additional features such as renovating virtually from a photo, decluttering a room, or furnishing an empty space.
Core freatures:
Virtual decoration and staging of roomsRenovation and decluttering from a photoFurnishing empty spacesRealistic virtual projectionsMultiple available stylesFast results within seconds
Use case:

Enhancing real estate listings by virtually furnishing homes and showcasing their potential

Helping individuals visualize a room’s potential during a home visit

Previewing the appearance of a room after renovations

Getting decor inspiration and ideas

Conducting virtual home staging for professional purposes

FAQ list:
What is a credit? How long does it take to get a photo with a new style? Are the results reliable? Can I use IACrea on a mobile device during a home visit?


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