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What is Humantic AI? Humantic AI is a buyer intelligence platform powered by personality AI that enables sales teams to personalize their interactions, engage prospects more effectively, and close more deals. It leverages personality insights to provide authentic personalization and helps sales teams understand their buyers better.

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how to use:
How to Use Humantic AI To use Humantic AI, sales teams can integrate the platform into their sales process. They can leverage the personality AI assistant, which provides insights about a prospect’s personality based on their LinkedIn profile. This information can be used to tailor sales communications and build rapport with prospects. The platform also offers features like omnichannel enrichment, custom integrations, and 1-click personalization to enhance the personalization capabilities of sales teams.
Core freatures:
Personality AI Assistant: Provides personality insights based on a prospect’s LinkedIn profile.Personality AI Dashboard: Allows for bulk and advanced analysis of personality insights.Omnichannel Enrichment: Integrates with CRMs and engagement solutions to ensure buyer data can be used for 1-1 interactions or 1-many cadences.Custom Integrations: Provides plug-and-play API integration for seamless connectivity.1-Click Personalization: Converts generic sales emails into personalized versions based on the prospect’s unique preferences.Personality AI Platform: Powers all features and capabilities of Humantic AI.
Use case:

Authentic Personalization: Create personalized sales communications based on the prospect’s personality to build rapport and trust.

Buyer Intelligence: Understand your buyers better through personality insights and enhance your targeting and engagement strategies.

Sales Intelligence: Leverage prospect and sales intelligence to identify early adopters and win more deals.

People Intelligence: Gain insights into individuals’ personalities to enhance collaboration, communication, and team dynamics.

AI Sales Coach: Utilize personality AI to provide coaching and guidance to sales teams for better understanding of buyers and improved performance.

FAQ list:
What is Humantic AI? How can I use Humantic AI? What are the core features of Humantic AI? What are the use cases of Humantic AI? What is the pricing of Humantic AI?


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