How2 is a tool that uses AI models to suggest shell commands, right from your Unix Terminal. It provides code-completion functionality for improved Command Line experience.

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how to use:
To use How2, you can download and install it on your system using the provided installation instructions for different platforms. Once installed, you can invoke How2 from the command line using the ‘how2’ command. You can type in your query or prompt related to a specific task or command, and How2 will suggest shell commands based on its AI models. You can use additional options, such as adding to search StackOverflow or working with PowerShell. How2 takes care of preventing code injection or misuse by only proposing command options without executing them.
Core freatures:
Code-completion for the Unix TerminalUses AI models trained on Bash/Zsh commandsCreates quick Bash scriptsSearches StackOverflow for additional answersWorks with PowerShell tooSafe to use with preventive measures against code injection
Use case:

Improving the Command Line experience by suggesting shell commands

Quickly creating Bash scripts

Finding answers and solutions related to Unix Terminal tasks and commands

FAQ list:


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