House of Pitch

House of Pitch is a platform that allows users to confidently pitch their news, services, or ideas to journalists and investors. It provides a smooth and confident outreach experience to an interested audience.

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how to use:
1. Sign up for House of Pitch.2. Create a short pitch in 50 words or less, explaining what it’s about and why it matters.3. Choose recipients from House of Pitch’s AAA list of journalists and investors.4. Send your pitch and wait for a Yes or No answer.5. If accepted, House of Pitch will connect you with the recipient via email, allowing you to discuss further.
Core freatures:
Easy and quick pitch creation in just a minuteAccess to a curated list of journalists and investorsHigh acceptance rate of over 30%Relevant pitches received as a recipientAutomated AI-routing for personalized pitches based on chosen beats (coming soon)
Use case:

Pitching news articles or press releases

Pitching services or products

Pitching business or investment ideas

FAQ list:


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