Hey Internet is a cutting-edge SaaS product that provides an AI-powered text message assistant. It allows users to query AI via text messages for quick access to AI-generated insights, research help, and time-saving solutions.

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how to use:
To use Hey Internet, simply subscribe and start texting your queries to the AI-powered assistant. It is designed to work with smartphones via text messaging, so no extra apps are needed. Users can ask any question and receive instant AI-generated answers, available 24/7.
Core freatures:
Quick access to AI-generated insightsResearch help and time-saving solutionsBoost learning and academic performanceEnhance productivity for studies and workPersonal growth support24/7 real-time AI assistance
Use case:

Optimizing research and learning

Boosting productivity in studies and work

Academic performance improvement

Personal and professional growth

Saving time on research

Easy access to AI assistance anywhere, anytime

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