Heyday is an AI-powered memory assistant that helps users remember more of what they learn. It automatically saves pages visited and resurfaces them alongside search results. It can resurface not just articles and webpages but also documents, messages, files, newsletters, notes, presentations, spreadsheets, tweets, and more. Users can install the Heyday extension, integrate their apps, and let Heyday do the work of organizing and retrieving information seamlessly.

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how to use:
To use Heyday, simply install the Heyday extension and integrate your apps. Heyday will then automatically save pages you visit and resurface them alongside search results. You can search for content you forgot about and Heyday will retrieve it for you. Heyday also provides enhanced reading features, such as article overlays, to help you absorb the content better. Additionally, Heyday creates a knowledge base that fills itself, making it easier for you to access previously viewed information.
Core freatures:
Automatic saving and resurfacing of webpages, articles, and other contentEnhanced search functionality to retrieve forgotten contentArticle overlays for improved reading experienceKnowledge base that fills itselfIntegration with popular apps like Gmail, Slack, Google Calendar, Dropbox, and more
Use case:

Research: Heyday saves time and mental energy during the research process by helping users remember and retrieve content they have forgotten.

Productivity: Heyday organizes and contextualizes information, making it easier for users to find and utilize relevant content.

Collaboration: Heyday can be used to resurface conversations, messages, and documents from various platforms, allowing for easier collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Information management: Heyday serves as a personal knowledge management tool, helping users keep track of articles, webpages, and other digital content they come across.

Learning: Heyday reinforces learning by resurfacing previously viewed content and enabling users to review and absorb information more effectively.

FAQ list:
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