HelpLook is a free tool for quickly building a help center site that provides all-round support and help for your products. It offers features such as FAQs, user guides, troubleshooting, and more to assist your users in solving various problems. By using HelpLook, you can enhance your product’s official website with SEO-optimized keywords, thereby increasing user understanding and adoption of your product.

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how to use:
To use HelpLook, simply sign up for a free account and follow the intuitive interface to create your help center site. You can customize themes, add your knowledge base articles, and embed the help center on any web page to seamlessly integrate it with your website. HelpLook also offers easy authoring and content formatting, user management features, and optimization for SEO. With HelpLook, you can focus on product development and operations while ensuring that your users have access to comprehensive support and assistance.
Core freatures:
FAQs: Create and manage frequently asked questions to provide quick solutions to common user queries.User Guides: Develop comprehensive user guides to assist users in understanding and effectively using your products.Troubleshooting: Offer troubleshooting resources and guides to help users resolve issues and technical problems.SEO Optimization: Add SEO-optimized keywords to your help center site, improving its visibility and attracting more users to your product.
Use case:

Provide product support and assistance to users

Help users solve various problems through FAQs and troubleshooting resources

Improve user understanding and adoption of your product with comprehensive user guides

Enhance your website’s SEO optimization by integrating the help center site

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