HelloScribe is an AI toolkit specifically designed for PR and marketing professionals. It offers precision AI tools to aid research, writing, and brainstorming, helping professionals generate fresh ideas, craft amazing content, and stand out in a crowded market.

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how to use:
To use HelloScribe, simply create an account and log in. Choose from over 100 precision AI tools and templates to suit your needs. Input your instructions or queries, and HelloScribe’s AI engine will generate relevant and unique content based on your input. You can customize and fine-tune the generated outputs to match your preferences. HelloScribe also offers live chat support for any assistance you may need.
Core freatures:
100+ precision AI tools and templates50+ supported languages and speech-to-text capabilitiesLive chat support for assistanceFree lifetime updates
Use case:

PR and Marketing professionals looking for novel ideas and content

Consultants and agencies aiming to reduce over-servicing costs and focus on execution

Entrepreneurs and freelancers seeking assistance with generating ideas and crafting brand copy

Professional teams in need of a creative juggernaut for brainstorming and high-level tasks

FAQ list:
How does HelloScribe work? What can HelloScribe generate? Is the content created by HelloScribe original? Is my data private and secure? Why choose HelloScribe over other AI tools? Why are payment details required for a Free Trial? Can HelloScribe be used on mobile? How can I add my team?


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