What is HeardThat? HeardThat is a smartphone app developed by Singular Hearing that turns your existing hearing aids or earphones into a speech-enhancement device. It uses artificial intelligence to separate noise from speech, allowing you to enjoy clear conversations in noisy environments.

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how to use:
How to Use HeardThat 1. Download the HeardThat app from the website.
2. Connect your own hearing device (hearing aid, earphones, etc.) to your smartphone.
3. Place your phone in front of you, pointing toward the person you’re speaking with or even your TV.
4. Open the HeardThat app and activate it.
5. Enjoy crystal clear speech without background noise.
Core freatures:
Turns your smartphone into a hearing assistive deviceUses artificial intelligence to separate noise from speechNo new device needed, works with your existing hearing aids or earphonesEasy to use, just like making a call on your smartphoneImproves speech clarity in noisy situations
Use case:

Engaging in conversations in noisy environments

Enhancing TV or audio listening experience

Improving communication while dining out or attending social events

Clear phone calls even in noisy surroundings

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