CloudFactory provides a single platform, Hasty, for any Vision AI use case. It enables users to go from raw images or videos to production-ready AI models without requiring MLops skills or complex integrations.

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how to use:
To use Hasty, you simply upload your raw images or videos to the platform. Hasty’s annotation solution allows you to annotate these files, and the annotations are then used to train AI models. The platform also offers automated annotation, AI-based quality control, model building, and the ability to export and deploy models in your own environment.
Core freatures:
Annotation of raw images and videosAI-based model trainingAutomated annotationAI-based quality controlModel creation, comparison, and deploymentData ownership and security
Use case:

Training AI models for vision tasks

Accelerating development of AI features

Improving ML workflows

Creating high-quality annotations with faster annotate-test cycles

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