HarvyAI is the #1 AI Email Assistant for professionals. It helps users write professional email replies faster by leveraging the power of AI. With its ChatGPT powered technology, HarvyAI offers a native email interface and is compatible with various web browsers.

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how to use:
To use HarvyAI, simply install the HarvyAI Chrome Extension. Once installed, you can access HarvyAI directly from your Gmail toolbar. HarvyAI provides two main options for generating email replies: writing replies in context or guiding HarvyAI to write in a specific tone. You can choose the desired tone, input the necessary context in the prompt box, and click the generate button to get personalized email replies in no time.
Core freatures:
Blazing fast email repliesContext-based email repliesGuided writing with desired toneMulti-language support
Use case:

Write professional email replies quickly

Enhance email productivity

Personalize email communication

Stay in the loop with contacts more efficiently

FAQ list:


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