GymGenie is an AI-powered platform that generates tailored workout routines for individuals based on their fitness goals.

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how to use:
1. Sign up or sign in to GymGenie.
2. Choose your subscription plan: Standard (free) or Premium ($2.99/month).
3. Enter your fitness goals and preferences.
4. GymGenie will generate personalized workout routines for you in seconds.
5. Follow the recommended exercises, reps, and sets for each workout.
6. Track your progress using GymGenie’s MacroTracker and access AI-powered meal plans with the GymGenie MealPlan feature.
Core freatures:
AI-powered workout routine generationPersonalized meal plans with AIMacroTracker for tracking progressFree subscription plan with 1 workout routine per monthPremium subscription plan with unlimited workout routinesUpcoming new featuresTrusted by users worldwide
Use case:

Individuals looking for personalized workout routines

Fitness enthusiasts

People with specific fitness goals

Users who want to track their progress

Anyone who wants to optimize their fitness journey with tailored meal plans

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