GPTSave is a Chrome extension that allows users to save their ChatGPT conversations outside of the System. It also offers the ability to drive engagement by exporting conversations as images. With GPTSave, users can easily download and export their AI conversations for various purposes.

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how to use:
To use GPTSave, simply install the Chrome extension from the Chrome Store. Once installed, open ChatGPT and start a conversation. You can then click on the GPTSave extension icon in your browser to access the export options. Choose to export the conversation as an image, save it to Notion, or copy it to the clipboard. The exported conversations can be shared on social media, turned into articles, or used for personal reference.
Core freatures:
Export ChatGPT conversations as imagesSave conversations to NotionCopy conversations to the clipboard
Use case:

Saving AI conversations for future reference

Sharing conversations on social media

Creating articles or blog posts using exported conversations

Using conversations privately with friends

Enhancing engagement with AI-generated content

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