GPT-Minus1 is a tool that helps fool GPT by randomly replacing words with synonyms in your text. It is designed to enhance the performance and accuracy of text generation models by introducing subtle variations through word substitution.

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how to use:
To use GPT-Minus1, simply input your text into the tool and click on the ‘Scramble’ button. The tool will then randomly replace words with their synonyms, creating a modified version of the original text. You can then use this modified text to fool GPT or any other text generation model.
Core freatures:
GPT-Minus1 offers the following core features:
– Word substitution with synonyms
– Randomization of word replacements
– Enhances the performance of text generation models
Use case:

GPT-Minus1 can be used in various scenarios, such as:
– Testing the robustness of text generation models
– Generating diverse outputs from a given input
– Improving the quality of language models
– Exploring the impact of word choices on text generation

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