GPT-4 for HelpScout is your AI customer service agent for HelpScout. Connect your account and it will start drafting replies for your support tickets, using previous emails as a knowledge base.

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how to use:

Core freatures:
“Can I try for free?”,
“Which AI model do you use?”,
“Which languages do you support?”,
“How many mailboxes can I connect?”,
“Is my data safe?”
] [
“Yes, when you sign up you’ll get 20 free draft replies to try out No credit card required.”,
“We use OpenAI’s GPT-4 model, which is the most advanced AI model available today.”,
“We support most common languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and more.”,
“You can connect as many mailboxes as you want. The quota is shared across all mailboxes.”,
“Yes, privacy and security are very important to us. Your data is only used to create draft replies; we don’t share it with anyone and have no plans to. We have a privacy policy that outlines how we manage your data.”
] [
“try for free”,
“AI model”,
“supported languages”,
“connect mailboxes”,
“data privacy”
Use case:
Browse 269 AI Customer support Tools.Browse 2480 AI AI Chatbots Tools.
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