Goodlookup is a smart function for spreadsheet users that combines the intuition of GPT-3 with the join capabilities of fuzzy matching. It allows users to perform topic clustering work in Google Sheets, similar to vlookup or index match.

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how to use:
To start using Goodlookup, you need to subscribe to a yearly subscription for $15. Once subscribed, you can install Goodlookup from the Google Workspace Marketplace. Then, simply activate the function in Google Sheets from the sheet menu > extensions > manage add-ons > Goodlookup. You can use the provided example as a reference to understand how to apply the function.
Core freatures:
Pre-trained model with the intuition of GPT-3Join capabilities of fuzzy matchingSemantic understanding for topic clusteringMatching based on semantic relationships, synonyms, and cultural similaritiesAbility to match strings based on intensity of neighboring words in the vector space
Use case:

Speeding up topic clustering work in Google Sheets

Solving text-to-text record linking problems

Matching similar text with semantic understanding

Matching text strings based on synonyms and cultural similarities

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