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GoLinks is a knowledge discovery and link management platform that revolutionizes information access and sharing through secure and intuitive short links called go/links. It utilizes generative AI to power knowledge discovery, making it easier to find and share resources within teams and organizations.

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how to use:
To use GoLinks, simply create a go/link for any resource you want to share. These go/links can be easily shared verbally, visually, or through your favorite apps. By typing questions in the dashboard or Slack, you can get AI-recommended resources and instant answers. GoLinks also offers browser extensions, integrations with existing workplace apps, and mobile apps for iOS and Android devices for seamless accessibility.
Core freatures:
Secure and intuitive short links (go/links)Generative AI-powered knowledge discoveryWorkspace analytics for valuable insightsBrowser extensions for easy accessIntegrations with existing workplace appsMobile apps for iOS and Android devicesGPT-4 powered search recommendationsEnterprise-ready features including SSO, migration support, and multiple domain sharing
Use case:




Human resources

Project management

Information technology


Customer support

Remote teams

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