Glean is an enterprise search and knowledge discovery solution designed for modern teams. It allows users to search for information across all company applications, find what they need, and discover important knowledge.

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how to use:
To use Glean, simply sign in to the platform and connect it to the apps and data sources used by your company. Glean’s search assistant, powered by generative AI, helps you find answers, analyze data, and summarize information from documents, conversations, tickets, and more. The personalized results and knowledge discovery feature builds a knowledge graph specific to your company, delivering personalized and relevant information. Glean also offers easy setup and scalability with its connectors to various apps and data sources.
Core freatures:
AI-powered workplace search across all company appsGenerative AI-driven search assistant for delivering answers, analyses, and summariesPersonalized results and knowledge discovery through building a company’s knowledge graph100+ connectors to connect and search data from various apps and sourcesEasy setup and scalability with hosting options aligned with company’s data and security policies
Use case:

Efficiently search and find relevant information across company apps and documents

Improve productivity and engagement within teams

Gain insights and access to knowledge through a personalized knowledge graph

Connect with experts within the company when knowledge artifacts are missing

Save time by reducing manual search efforts

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