GeneratedBy is a platform that simplifies the process of creating, testing, and sharing AI-generated prompts for prompt engineers and digital workers. It revolutionizes prompt work and boosts productivity by providing an intuitive platform for prompt editing, optimization, and deployment.

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how to use:
To use GeneratedBy, simply sign up for an account and access the platform. Start by creating, editing, and optimizing prompts using the prompt editor and optimization tools. The platform supports multimodal content and Large Language Models, allowing you to manage text and images for versatile prompt creation experiences. You can also explore and use pre-built prompt collections to enhance your projects. Additionally, GeneratedBy offers features like deploying micro-SaaS applications, enhancing prompts with ChatGPT plugins and tools, integrating with API endpoints and webhooks, and generating prompts automatically with variables. Explore the platform to streamline your prompt creation process and increase productivity.
Core freatures:
Prompt editor and optimizationMultimodal content and LLM supportInspirational prompt collectionsForms, chat bubble, and micro-SaaS generationChatGPT Plugin & Prompt ToolsAPI Integration and Webhooks
Use case:

Creating SEO articles for e-shop

Creating engaging cold emails for saas software

Creating catchy marketing slogans for Ads campaigns

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