GabbyGPT is an AI-powered voice assistant for WhatsApp that brings ChatGPT to your voice notes. It allows seniors to easily send voice notes, engage in conversations with an AI companion, and receive voice responses.

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how to use:
To use GabbyGPT, simply send voice notes through WhatsApp to communicate with the AI assistant. You can ask questions, have conversations, and receive voice responses to your queries. GabbyGPT makes it easy and convenient to interact with ChatGPT through voice messages.
Core freatures:
AI-powered voice assistant for WhatsAppConvenient interaction with ChatGPT through voice messagesOption to ask questions and engage in conversationsReceive voice responses to queriesDesigned for seniors
Use case:

Intellectual Debates

Easing Loneliness

Understanding the Grandkids’ World

Cognitive Boost

Learn History

Learning Complex Topics

FAQ list:


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