GA4 Auditor

GA4 Auditor is an automated Google Analytics 4 audit tool that provides a comprehensive analytics audit report with actionable insights in just minutes. It helps users verify the accuracy and quality of their Google Analytics data.

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how to use:
To use GA4 Auditor, simply follow these steps:

1. Connect your Google Analytics 4 account to the tool and select the property you want to audit.
2. Customize the report according to your preferences, including language, theme, and file format.
3. Download the customized audit report, which provides actionable insights for improving your GA4 implementation.
Core freatures:
The core features of GA4 Auditor include:

1. Tag Health & Performance: Checks if GA4 tags are firing correctly, identifies duplicate tags, and assesses loading times.
2. Data Integrity & Quality: Analyzes data for issues such as missing data, duplication, discrepancies, bot traffic, spam, and sampling errors.
3. Implementation Best Practices: Provides recommendations for optimizing GA4 setup and utilizing data effectively for marketing and business decisions.
4. Actionable Plan: Offers a clear plan for fixing potential issues and ensuring a smooth GA4 migration.
5. Save Time & Money: Automates the auditing process, reducing manual checks and the need for external consultants.
6. Tailored Reporting Options: Allows customization of reports in terms of language, theme, and file format.
Use case:

GA4 Auditor can be beneficial for the following use cases:

1. Brands: Ensuring accurate and high-quality data for GA4 implementation, avoiding incorrect decisions based on inaccurate data, and optimizing marketing and business decisions.
2. Agencies: Managing multiple client accounts, saving time through automation, and building trust with clients through white-labeled audit reports.
3. Enterprises: Tailored solutions for custom GA4 auditing needs.

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