G3DAI {Jedi}

G3D.AI is a generative AI platform for game creation that allows game developers to bring their ideas to life quickly and easily. By using text prompts, creators can imagine any game concept and G3D.AI will generate assets, level designs, gameplay mechanics, and narratives tailored to their vision.

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how to use:
To use G3D.AI, simply sign up for the waitlist and wait for access to the platform. Once you have access, you can enter text prompts describing your desired game elements, such as low poly style camping scenes or specific objects and characters. G3D.AI will then generate optimized 3D assets, unique levels, and compelling stories based on your prompts. You can incorporate these generated elements into your game development workflow and unleash your creativity.
Core freatures:
3D asset creation: G3D.AI generates optimized objects that match your art direction.Level design: Generate unique levels from text prompts.Gameplay Mechanics: G3D.AI generates gameplay mechanics based on your needs.Narratives: Create beautiful and compelling stories for your game.Text prompts: Use text prompts to inspire unique and instant creation.
Use case:

Game development: G3D.AI accelerates game creation, allowing developers to build beautiful and novel games in a fraction of the time.

Art direction: Generate 3D assets that match your desired style and direction.

Level design: Quickly generate unique and interesting levels for your game.

Narrative-driven games: Create captivating stories tailored to your game concept.

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