Fyndo is a pay-per-hire recruiting platform designed for SMBs. It is an AI-driven recruitment platform that automates the most manual tasks of the hiring process.

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how to use:
1. Sign up for Fyndo and create your account. 2. Set up your company profile and job requirements. 3. Post your job openings and let Fyndo handle job distribution. 4. Use AI candidate screening to filter through applicants. 5. Schedule interviews and communicate with candidates through the platform. 6. Send preliminary job offers through Fyndo.
Core freatures:
Automated job distribution to multiple job boardsAI candidate screening based on job requirementsSmart Screening to showcase top candidatesIntegration with Zoom for virtual interviewsIn-app communication with candidates via email or textEasy setup and quick hiring process
Use case:

Small and medium-sized businesses looking to streamline their hiring process

Companies wanting to reduce time and hassle in recruitment

Employers seeking to focus on growing their business while Fyndo handles hiring

Recruiters and hiring teams looking to save time on manual tasks

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