Futera Liagai

Futera Ligai is the world??s first AI Football league that combines football and technology. It offers an immersive storytelling experience where fans can follow their Futera United NFT characters’ careers in a parallel football league.

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how to use:
To use Futera Ligai, you can follow these steps:
1. Visit the Futera Ligai website.
2. Explore the different clubs and their rich club culture, stadiums, and histories.
3. Choose a team to follow and dive into their world.
4. Stay updated with the weekly matches and the development of your favorite players’ careers.
5. Experience the thrill of the parallel football league through cutting-edge AI technology.
6. Optionally, own a Futera United NFT to unlock additional features and follow your chosen player more closely.
Core freatures:
The core features of Futera Ligai include:
– Immersive storytelling experience
– Parallel football league with AI-generated teams, player names, stadiums, and club histories
– Weekly matches played out by cutting-edge AI technology
– Follow the careers of Futera United NFT characters in real time
– Detailed club backgrounds with local rivalries, legendary players, and rise to greatness
– Talent squad of current players aligned with Futera United NFTs
Use case:

Futera Ligai can be used for:
– Football enthusiasts who want to experience a unique football league fusion with AI technology
– Fans of Futera United NFTs who want to follow their characters’ careers in an immersive way
– People interested in exploring the histories and cultures of 22 different football clubs
– Supporters who want to engage with a virtual pitch action and experience the highs and lows of football alongside their chosen team

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