Frontender is a Figma plugin that converts Figma designs into front-end code. It is like having a personal junior developer that writes front-end code for you.

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how to use:
To use Frontender, simply install the Figma plugin and select any layer in Figma. Frontender will then convert the selected layer into front-end code. It is compatible with any Figma file, regardless of the organization or layout.
Core freatures:
Converts Figma designs into CSS, CSS-in-JS, HTML with CSS, HTML with Tailwind, JSX with CSS-in-JS, JSX with TailwindWorks with frameworks like Next, React (JSX), Vue, and Svelte (HTML)Supports custom Tailwind config for production-ready code generation
Use case:

Streamlining front-end workflow for designers

Generating accurate front-end code from Figma designs

Enhancing collaboration between designers and front-end developers

FAQ list:
How many conversions can I perform with the free trial? Can Frontender convert Figma designs into CSS-in-JS? Does Frontender work with custom Tailwind configuration? Is Frontender compatible with all Figma files?


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