What is Freeday? Freeday is Europe’s leading staffing platform for Digital Employees. It allows you to outsource boring repetitive tasks to our digital employees powered by artificial intelligence. With Freeday, teams can build their own digital workforce to unlock their creative and productive capacities, resulting in improved experiences and revenues.

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how to use:
How to Use Freeday? Using Freeday is easy! Follow these steps:
1. Sign up for an account on the Freeday website.
2. Explore the tasks you can outsource to our digital employees.
3. Request a demo to see how our digital employees can help your division.
4. Integrate Freeday with your existing systems and certifications.
5. Start assigning tasks to our digital employees and free up your schedule.
Core freatures:
Automated tasks using artificial intelligenceIncreased workforce without hiring additional personnelCost reduction by eliminating tedious tasksSafe and accurate execution of tasksData-driven decision makingImproved experiences and productivity
Use case:

Customer support automation

Data entry and processing

Content moderation

Lead generation and qualification

Sales order processing

Research and data analysis

FAQ list:


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