Free Subtitles AI

FreeSubtitles.AI is a website that offers a free and effortless way to transcribe audio and video files into text. It also provides automatic translation services for free.

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how to use:
To transcribe audio or video, simply select or drop the file onto the website. You can also benefit from the automatic media downloader, which supports over 1100 websites. Choose the file’s language from a list of 111 options or let the website auto-detect it. Then, select the desired transcription and translation models for accuracy. Once the transcription is complete, you can download the text.
Core freatures:
Transcribe audio and video files into textAutomatic translation of transcriptionsSupport for files up to 300 MB and 1 hour duration (free use)Whisper Model Medium for transcription (high accuracy)Open Source M2M_100 Model for translation (good accuracy)Ability to run transcriptions without an open browser tab (paid use)
Use case:

Transcribing interviews or meetings

Captioning videos for accessibility

Converting audio lectures into text

Extracting text from podcasts

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