Free Market Research Report from Plus AI

Plus AI is an AI-powered presentation maker for Google Slides that allows users to create, edit, and design professional presentations in minutes.

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how to use:
1. Install the Google Slides add-on.2. Generate a custom presentation by specifying the type of presentation you want to make.3. Use AI editing to add, remix, and rewrite your slides to fine-tune your presentation.4. Customize themes to match your brand or let AI do it for you.
Core freatures:
AI-powered presentation creation and editingCustom slide generation based on specified presentation typeAI assistance for language, grammar, tone, length, translation, and moreCustomizable themes with logo integrationIntegration with Google SlidesFast and efficient presentation making process
Use case:

QBRs and sales presentations

Webinars and training decks

Strategy and research reports

FAQ list:
Can I use Plus AI with PowerPoint? Does Plus AI support custom slide libraries? Is Plus AI secure for enterprise use? Can Plus AI integrate with other tools? Does Plus AI have a free trial?


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