Frase is a powerful SEO content optimization tool and AI writer that helps users create content that ranks on Google. It is trusted by over 30,000 content, SEO, and marketing teams worldwide.

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how to use:
To use Frase, follow these steps:
1. Conduct keyword research and identify the target query.
2. Use Frase’s SERP research feature to analyze and condense content from top search results.
3. Generate a well-researched outline by selecting headings from the SERP or using AI to generate one.
4. Use Frase’s AI Writer to instantly convert the outline into a full draft with SEO-optimized copy.
5. Collaborate with freelancers and coworkers using Frase’s intuitive in-product tools.
6. Craft content Google will love by utilizing Frase’s topic model to assess and compare your content with competitors, identifying recommended mention frequencies and keywords.
Core freatures:
SERP research and analysisAI-generated content briefsOutline Builder for organizing and generating outlinesAI Writer for instantly generating SEO-optimized copyTopic model for keyword identification and competitor comparisonCollaboration tools for seamless teamwork
Use case:

Creating content that ranks on Google

Streamlining SEO content workflow

Efficiently researching and analyzing SEO competitors’ content

Generating well-structured outlines in minutes

Quickly producing SEO-optimized drafts

Simplifying collaboration with freelancers and coworkers

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