formx ai is a service that uses AI technology to transform physical documents into digital structured data. It offers a data extraction tool that converts information from physical documents into structured digital data.

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how to use:
To use, you can sign up for a free account on their web portal. Once logged in, you can access their range of features and manage parsing configurations. Simply upload a physical document, and will use AI algorithms to extract the relevant data. The extracted data can be returned in JSON format, making it easy to integrate into any software. also offers preconfigured data extraction models for general shopping receipts, identity cards, and official licenses, making the process effortless.
Core freatures:
AI-based data extractionAPI integration for easy software integrationUser-friendly web portal for configuration management and testingMobile phone scanning for conveniencePreconfigured data extraction models for various documents
Use case:

Extracting data from receipts

Extracting data from identity cards

Extracting data from business certificates

Extracting data from address proof documents

Automating invoice data extraction

FAQ list:
How does transform physical documents into digital structured data? Can I integrate into my existing software? Does provide preconfigured data extraction models for specific document types? Can I use to extract data from mobile phone photos of documents? What are the core concepts of and how can I make the most of its features?


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