Flowshot is an AI plugin for Google Sheets that allows users to utilize AI in their spreadsheets. It offers features such as AI prompts, autocomplete for repetitive tasks, custom model training without code, and the generation of formulas and AI images.

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how to use:
To use Flowshot, simply install the Flowshot add-on from the Google Marketplace. Once installed, you can access Flowshot within Google Sheets and start using AI prompts by using the =AI() function. You can give instructions, ask questions, and reference cells to automate tasks. Additionally, you can train custom AI models on your spreadsheet data to further streamline your workflows.
Core freatures:
AI prompts for faster workAutocomplete repetitive tasksBuild custom AI models without codeGenerate formulas and AI imagesConnect with other apps through Zapier or API integrations
Use case:

Automating repetitive text-based work

Extracting information from messy data

Bulk translation of text

Generating thousands of ads, emails, SEO metas, and product copy

Analyzing, classifying, and generating text in bulk

Creating custom AI models for specific tasks

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