Flowie is a platform that provides custom solutions for Webflow. It offers a wide range of resources including code snippets, video tutorials, power-ups, and an AI Code Assistant. Users can search among over 500 solutions or generate their own code using the AI assistant.

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how to use:
To use Flowie, users can browse through the different categories and subcategories, such as CSS & Styling, Components, Forms, SEO, etc. They can also use the search feature to find specific solutions. Once they find a solution, they can click on it to access the code or video tutorial. If they need help generating code, they can use the Webflow AI Code Assistant. The platform is currently supported on desktop and laptop browsers with a width of at least 991px.
Core freatures:
The core features of Flowie include browsing and searching for solutions, generating code with the AI Code Assistant, accessing video tutorials, and using power-ups. It also provides integration options for Google Sheets, automated abandoned cart recovery, multistep forms, and real-time pageviews in Webflow CMS.
Use case:

Flowie can be used by Webflow designers and developers who are looking for custom solutions to enhance their projects. It is particularly useful for those who want to save time by leveraging existing code snippets and video tutorials. It can also be used by individuals or businesses who want to optimize their Webflow websites for various aspects such as styling, forms, SEO, and more.

FAQ list:
Is Flowie compatible with mobile and tablet devices? How can I generate my own code with the Webflow AI Code Assistant? Are there any free features available in Flowie? Are there any pricing plans for Flowie?


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