is an AI-powered notetaking tool that uses generative AI to transcribe, summarize, analyze and search voice conversations in meetings. It integrates with various video-conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Webex, allowing users to capture meeting transcripts, generate summaries, and extract valuable insights from their meetings.

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how to use:
To use, simply invite the Notetaker to your meeting on your calendar or use the provided dial-in number. will automatically capture video and audio from the meeting and generate transcripts in minutes. Users can then access the transcripts, search for specific keywords or topics, and analyze key metrics such as speaker talk time and sentiment. also allows users to collaborate by adding comments, reactions, and creating soundbites from the meeting. The tool can be integrated with CRM systems, collaboration apps, and task management tools to automate workflows and keep everyone updated.
Core freatures:
Meeting transcription across multiple platformsAutomated meeting summariesAI-powered search within meetingsCollaboration features like comments, reactions, and soundbitesConversation analytics to measure speaker talk time, sentiment, and other metricsWorkflow automation with CRM integration and task creationReal-time knowledge base for storing meeting informationCustom privacy controls for sharing meeting informationFlexible plans for individuals, small teams, and enterprises
Use case:

Sales: Fill out CRM, coach sales representatives, and close deals faster

Recruiting: Streamline candidate screening and hand-offs during the hiring process

Engineering: Automate engineering meetings and documentation

Marketing: Understand customer feedback to enhance marketing initiatives

Management Consulting: Analyze meetings to track performance and improve internal processes

Education: Simplify note-taking in classrooms or virtual teaching sessions

Media & Podcasting: Transcribe and create closed captions for media content

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