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FindYourNextBook is an AI-powered librarian that helps users discover new books based on their specific interests and preferences.

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how to use:
To use FindYourNextBook, simply type in a specific query or topic you’re interested in. It’s best to be as precise as possible to get the most accurate recommendations. For example, instead of asking for ‘a fantasy book’, ask for something like ‘a fantasy book with dragons and magic’. Recent queries are displayed on the website, which can give you an idea of what others are looking for. You can also explore the website’s blog for book recommendations and other related content.
Core freatures:
AI-powered librarianBook recommendations based on specific queriesRecent query displayBlog with book recommendations and related content
Use case:

Finding a book about a specific topic or theme

Discovering memoirs or biographies

Exploring books set in specific countries or regions

Searching for books with diverse characters

Finding books for specific age groups or reading levels

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