FGenEds is a website that aims to help students turn their lecture slides into cheat sheets for general education (gen ed) classes.

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how to use:
To use FGenEds, simply sign up on the website and upload a PDF of your lecture slides for the gen ed class you want to create a cheat sheet for. FGenEds will then process the slides and convert them into concise and helpful cheat sheets.
Core freatures:
The core features of FGenEds include:
1. Lecture Slide Conversion: FGenEds can convert your uploaded PDF lecture slides into cheat sheets.
2. Privacy Policy: FGenEds ensures the privacy of your uploaded lecture slides.
3. Terms of Service: FGenEds provides a terms of service agreement for users.
4. Contact Us: FGenEds offers a contact option for users to reach out for any inquiries or support.
Use case:

Use cases for FGenEds include:
1. Students who need quick and concise cheat sheets for their gen ed classes.
2. Students who want to have easily accessible study materials for their gen ed lectures.
3. Students who are looking for a way to save money by not having to purchase expensive study guides or textbooks for their gen ed classes.

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