Felvin is an AI-powered no-code marketplace that allows users to create, customize, and monetize high-quality AI-enabled apps without the need for coding knowledge. With Felvin, users can bring their app ideas to life quickly and easily.

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how to use:
To use Felvin, simply follow these steps:
1. Take Input: Define the fields and inputs you want to collect from users and add key-tags to them.
2. Add Computations: Add options and computations for Felvin’s AI to perform on the provided input.
3. Define Logic: Define the logic and prompts for Felvin AI to work upon.
4. Create: Utilize Felvin’s intuitive platform and powerful AI tools to design, develop, and launch your custom app.
Core freatures:
Intuitive platformPowerful AI toolsCustom app developmentNo coding requiredReady-made templatesMonetization optionsImage maskingText generationStyled image creationImage manipulation
Use case:

Hairclip and dress change

Face replacement

Meme creation

Tattoo design

Cover art generation

Tinder bio generation

LinkedIn post creation

Tweet generation

Cold email generation

Recipe creation

Dreamcatcher art generation

Avatar creation

Pixel art generation

Pop art generation

Blur and deblur images

Colorize and make images black and white

Retro image effects

Fujifilm shot simulation

Noise removal

FAQ list:
What is Felvin? Do I need to know how to code? Can I collaborate with others on the platform or playground? Is Felvin secure?


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