Feedback with ChatGPT by AI Characters is a service that allows you to test any ideas in less than 1 minute and receive feedback from 30+ AI characters. It is useful for anyone or any organization planning to implement a new business model, product, or service and aims to ensure successful realization and expected profits or results.

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how to use:
1. Enter your idea that you want to validate.2. Choose from preconceived scripts for idea validation, advertisement validation, or content validation. These scripts include important questions on the topics, but you can also remove or add additional questions if needed.3. Select characters from whom you want to receive answers to your idea-related questions.4. Click the ‘Get’ button to receive the responses in real-time.5. Analyze the responses of the AI characters and improve your idea as needed.
Core freatures:
Validate ideas in less than 1 minuteAccess to 30+ AI charactersScripts for idea, advertisement, and content validationCreate custom questionsUnlimited bookmarkingSupport for 25+ languagesPriority email supportEarly access to new features
Use case:

Idea validation: Quickly identify potential demand, target audience research, advantages, and disadvantages for your idea.

Advertisement validation: Ensure your ad campaigns have clear, accurate, and relevant ad text.

Content validation: Confirm the quality and worth of your content.

Feedback: Receive feedback from potential target audiences and adapt your idea to better meet their needs.

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