Feathery AI

Feathery is an AI form builder that allows users to create high-quality forms quickly and easily. With its AI form assistant and powerful editor, users can polish their forms to create the perfect user experience.

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how to use:
To use Feathery, simply start by inputting your form questions and choosing the type of response format you want (dropdown, text, multiple choice, etc.). Feathery’s AI form assistant will then generate high-quality forms for you in a matter of seconds. After that, you can use Feathery’s powerful editor to further customize the form and make any necessary adjustments.
Core freatures:
AI form assistant for quick form creationPowerful editor for customization and adjustmentsMultiple response format options (dropdown, text, multiple choice, etc.)High-quality form outputIntuitive and user-friendly interface
Use case:

Collecting customer feedback

Running surveys

Creating contact forms

Organizing online registrations

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