Fadr is a web platform that offers AI-powered music tools. Users can utilize features such as vocal remover, song splitter, key/tempo/chords detector, remix maker, mashup maker, and DJ controller to create new music from their favorite songs. 95% of Fadr’s services are free for unlimited use.

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how to use:
To use Fadr’s AI music tools, users need to upload their favorite songs to the platform. They can then select the desired features like vocal remover, key/tempo/chords detector, or remix maker to transform the songs into something new. Fadr’s AI handles tasks like vocal isolation, synchronization, and detection of musical elements, allowing users to focus on their creativity.
Core freatures:
AI-powered vocal removerSong splitterKey/tempo/chords detectorRemix makerMashup makerDJ controller
Use case:

Creating stems, remixes, and more with AI tools

Producing and DJing remixes and mashups

Transforming songs into new compositions

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