Fabrie AI

Fabrie is an online collaboration platform specifically designed for designers. It combines the concept of infinite canvas with tables and fosters design thinking and making all in one place. It serves as a design sandbox for users.

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how to use:
To use Fabrie, simply sign up for an account on the website. Once logged in, you can create projects and invite team members to collaborate. You can utilize the infinite canvas to sketch, brainstorm, and create visual designs. The tables feature allows you to organize and manage project details, tasks, and timelines. Fabrie enables seamless collaboration and efficient design workflow.
Core freatures:
Infinite canvas for sketching and visual designTables for organizing project details and tasksCollaboration tools for seamless teamworkDesign thinking and making facilitated in one placeEfficient design workflowProject management capabilities
Use case:

Graphic designers collaborating on branding projects

UI/UX designers brainstorming and prototyping user interfaces

Design teams managing multiple projects simultaneously

Artists and illustrators exploring creative ideas

FAQ list:
Can I collaborate with others on Fabrie? Is there a free trial available? Can I export my designs from Fabrie? Is Fabrie suitable for solo designers? Can I customize the tables in Fabrie?


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