Evebyte Studio

Evebyte Studio is a Windows software designed to easily control physical Android phone devices using a graphical interface. No coding is required. It allows users to create and manage single or multiple tasks with their phones.

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how to use:
1. Connect your Android phone device to your PC.
2. Launch Evebyte Studio.
3. Use the intuitive graphical interface to click, drag, and run tasks on your phone.
4. Easily change task jobs as needed.
Core freatures:
Graphical interface for controlling Android phone devicesNo coding requiredAbility to create and manage single or multiple tasksFlexible task job changesData security and privacy protection
Use case:

1. Remote phone management: Easily control and manage multiple phones from your PC.
2. Task automation: Create and schedule tasks on your phone for improved efficiency.
3. AI phone assistant development: Build an AI assistant using your connected phones.
4. Testing and debugging: Use the software to perform testing and debugging tasks on Android devices.

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