Eval is an AI Codepilot that assists developers in writing code and building software faster. It enhances coding skills, streamlines workflows, and improves efficiency through AI-driven pair programming.

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how to use:
To use Eval, sign up for an account or log in if you are already a member. Once logged in, you can access the following features:

1. Codepilot: AI Pair Programming – Collaborate with Eval to get real-time suggestions and guidance while writing code.
2. AI Unit Test Writer – Automate the generation of unit tests for your code.
3. AI Code Documentation – Automatically generate code documentation to improve readability and understandability.
4. Code Explanation & Analysis – Receive detailed explanations and analysis of your code to identify potential issues or optimizations.

Integration with your preferred IDE is supported, and Eval adapts to various programming languages.
Core freatures:
AI Pair ProgrammingAI Unit Test WriterAI Code DocumentationCode Explanation & Analysis
Use case:

Enhancing coding skills

Streamlining workflow

Accelerating debugging process

Automating unit test generation

Improving code readability and understandability

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