Embra is a fast and powerful AI assistant designed for professionals and teams. It helps users save time and accelerate their work by connecting their data, workflows, and team members. With Embra, users can set up global shortcuts to instantly access the AI assistant on MacOS, web, and mobile devices. It is a private tool that offers usage auditing and control for individuals and teams. Embra is trusted by startups, scaling businesses, and individuals across various professions.

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how to use:
To use Embra, simply set up a global shortcut on your device to bring up the assistant. Embra integrates with popular apps like Chrome, Gmail, and Zoom, allowing users to work seamlessly within their existing workflows. Users can connect their data to gain query superpowers and access intelligent queries and automation. Embra also offers features like quick commands to automate repetitive tasks, workflow builder to scale productivity, personalized automation, and more. Users can create their own AI commands and access a growing public library of commands. Embra enhances email productivity, meeting automations, internal search, content creation, research and summarization, and even coding.
Core freatures:
Integrations with popular appsKnowledge Engine for data integration and intelligent queriesQuick Commands for automationWorkflow Builder for scaling productivityPersonalized AutomationEmail productivity enhancementsMeeting automationsInternal searchContent creationResearch and summarizationCoding support
Use case:

Sales intelligence and automation

Customer support and ticket management

Streamlining knowledge work and reporting for managers

Data-driven decision making and insights for leadership

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